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Meet The Staff of Dpurrlogics

From the Top Left: Meet Oddy Company Position: Prankster-Don't be trick by the Angel Look. Top Left Below: Meet Ochi Company Position: Sectary- She keep things in Check Centre: Meet Oyen Company Position: CEO- Don't be fooled by the serious look, he is very loveable. On the Right: Meet Oppy Company Position: Senior Manager- Always Nervous and Constant Ninja Mode

Dpurrlogics is created to assist Paw Parents and Pawbuddies to save time and money as we assist to look out for the best product in the specific Category and Recommend it to the market. We work closely with some community cat feeders as part of giving back to the Community. We strive to grow with your support and finding the best packages to sweeten every deal. Every product is tested by our staff before recommending it to the market.